Why a Perinatal Massage focus?

Now that I have just birthed this new baby business of Welcome Home Body & Birth I felt it only natural to start by writing about why I am so focused on taking care of people during this relatively short period of time in their lives.

Over the years I have had a lot of my clients ask me many things like; “how did you become interested massage therapy?”…”birth?”…”babies?” and “working with pregnant people?”. “How did you become so passionate?”, “Aren’t you limiting your client reach?”, and “You must really love babies?”. Some of the simple answers would be; “I love massage!”, “I feel extremely rewarded helping people feel great when their bodies are working their hardest”, “The Science!…our bodies literally make people!”, “Of course, babies are incredible tiny humans” and, “I don’t feel like I am limiting at all because I am concentrating my efforts toward what I feel I am able to provide the best and, what gives me the most purpose”.

Early in my career path I found myself drawn to the way massage made me feel. The way I became in touch with my body knowing how it worked, what I was feeling and, how to help it. I was always fascinated by biology and how everything is intricately and amazingly designed. I was quickly captured by the both the anatomy and physiology of reproduction. I felt as this was the ultimate example of what our bodies are capable of. That it was the foundation of human life. Without reproduction, without birth, there would be no life. And, I just had to dive right in!

My passions have developed and have become more focused as time has gone on. I’ve been blessed to have experienced so much with working with general massage therapy in a variety of multidisciplinary settings and, working with so many fascinating people with both fascinating and common health concerns. I truly feel as though I have made a lot of difference in peoples lives so far. I absolutely love and, will continue to work with, clients for a variety of concerns with my foundations of therapeutic massage therapy. I will always see someone for anything they need help with whenever I am able to help with the skills that I have. You do not have to be in the birthing years to come see me!! I am simply shining a light on what I love the most.

This even lead to me dedicating some of my time into educating. I am motivated to sparking some of that passion in Massage Therapists to be at the College of Massage & Hydrotherapy. I am getting to teach them all about the things I find most amazing. About the anatomy and physiology our bodies’s systems including, reproduction and pregnancy. So far it has been really fulfilling!

So through all this I’ve been striving to focus on what brings me the most joy and where I would like to see the most impact. Ultimately, my deepest motivation for focusing my work towards the birthing years is empowering and nurturing the birthing person and their family during, one of…if not the most, physically and mentally challenging transitions in life and, having an impact on the foundations of an infant’s early life. I believe that through supporting parents and, improving their health and confidence during a time that they are pushing the limits of their bodies abilities and making an incredible amount self sacrifice, that healthier humans, families and communities are nurtured.