Welcome Home

Ahhh…… I am extremely grateful and excited to introduce Welcome Home Body & Birth to Halifax. It is a long-term vision brought into fruition. I am truly bringing my passions home by returning to the city I call home and, opening my massage and doula practice within my family home. Treating and supporting parents through the varying transitions of welcoming new family members into their homes and into their new roles as parents is where my true passions lie. Parenting is really hard. The pressures and expectations start before you are even expecting. It is essential that home is a safe space; yours and my home clinic. Knowing that perfection is an unattainable ideal will be the expected here. Laundry and dishes up to your ears, you’re starving and the baby just pooped when I arrive for your postpartum visit? Great! That’s why I am there. I will come with my own cup of tea. Toys are still out and it still smells like breakfast when you come in to my space? That’s working from home with kids. We might just have some extra coffee and always a warm table. You will never feel pressure to hush the baby. Need to feed? Again?? Absolutely. We’ll wing it! My goal is that you feel comfortable and nourished from your experience and, I am committed to welcoming everyone fully as they are and what whatever their experience. I will always give and expect respect and acceptance. Welcome Home!