Postpartum Doula

The early months after welcoming a new member or members to your family is a huge time of transition, whether it is a first child or a new sibling. The postpartum period is filled with physical, emotional and family life challenges. Postpartum doulas are there for you to help you settle in to this new life with greater ease and confidence. We normalize and gently educate on common experiences and help with household duties, so you can focus your attention on bonding with your beautiful new baby.

A postpartum doula will meet with you during your pregnancy to help you learn about what to expect when you are home with a new baby or will meet you early on if you suddenly find yourself needing some extra help. We will continue with you through the first 4 months of your transition.

We support you in becoming confident as a parent by:

  • Demonstrating a range of baby care essentials
  • Providing you with evidence-based information about your choices
  • Assisting with light housekeeping, meal preparation and, family care so that you can rest and prioritize spending your time with your new baby.
  • Tending to the baby for you to take some time to get some rest, have a meal, a shower and rejuvenate.
  • Being an extra set of hands if you’re still figuring out how to hold a baby, are recovering from a cesarean birth or you have multiple babies.
  • Support you, normalize and help establish breastfeeding.
  • Help you process your birth experience and the feelings you are having as a new parent.
  • Provide you with resources and referrals as necessary so you are ensured proper treatment from perinatal professionals.

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