Infant Massage

Infant Massage –  45 Minutes hands on infant treatment or 60 minutes of private parental instruction 

Babies don’t just crave touch they require it to grow and thrive! Research shows infants who are touched regularly and held often are calmer, cry less, grow faster,  have better sleep, have stronger immune systems, respond better to and experience less stress, have a higher emotional intelligence and, have stronger relationships. They also receive relief from numerous physical complaints such as gas, colic, constipation, teething and growing pains. Premature and babies with special needs have improvement and growth superior to those not given massage and touch.

Treatment from an experienced massage therapist is helpful in addressing specific physical concerns such as muscle imbalances, torticollis, birth traumas and digestive issues and more. We are happy to see your baby in the clinic for anything you are concerned with.

Parents are the most qualified to massage their babies and, babies receive the most benefit from daily massage and connection with their parents. That’s why we offer private instruction and classes. We want you to feel confident to provide your baby this safe nurturing touch.

** Infant Massage Classes are regularly scheduled. Check our Workshops page for our current schedule